Placement Policy:

How Mini Teams are Selected (Fall & Spring)

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer believes that individual players benefit from exposure to different teammates and coaches. U5-U8 players do not have any tryouts. During registration, parents have the opportunity to indicate up to two weekday evenings on which their children are not available for practice. Teams are put together randomly with effort made to respect those scheduling requests. U5 and U6 teams are coed, and additional due diligence is applied toward having a similar number of girls and boys on each team. U7 and U8 offer both a coed and girls only division provided that there are sufficient enrollment and coach volunteers. It is understood that there are some situations in which there is a strong need for players to be placed together, such as to accommodate car pools or to place younger children with extreme shyness with friends. To get such needs addressed, families may request in their registration comments placement with up to three additional children. In order to be accommodated, such requests must be mutual and the involved families must indicate the same days that they are not available for practice (if any). Lack of fulfillment by the league of a specific registration request does not provide any family with grounds to request a refund of the registration.

How Traveling Teams Are Selected


U10 thru U19 teams in the Fall Season may potentially play In-town or in the Midland Area Youth Soccer League (MAYSL).  MAYSL is known as the “traveling league” because competition is against neighboring towns.  The league is made up of 3 divisions.  Division 1 is the most competitive while Division 3 is more of a recreational level.  When we have enough teams, we also run an In-town only league.  This In-town program often happens at the U10 division because we have enough players to keep it local.  Player Evaluations are held early summer for U10 thru U19 age groups.  These Player Evaluations are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.  If a player wishes to play in the “traveling league”, they must attend a Player Evaluation.  Based on the results of the Player Evaluation and coach feedback, players are selected to Division 1 and 2 teams.  All remaining players are placed on either a Division 3 team or In-town team.  Division 3 and In-town teams are equally weighted as best as possible.

No playoffs are held for any age group in the fall. The Fall Season is strictly for development purposes.


U10 thru U19 teams in the Spring Season will only play in the Midland Area Youth Soccer League (MAYSL). There is no In-town program in the spring.  MAYSL is still made up of 3 divisions.  Player placement on teams is based on coach evaluations during the Fall Season as well as prior Player Evaluation evaluations.Players may be switched up and/or down based on the aforementioned information.  Teams are also re-configured since a number of players play fall only.A tournament will be held at the end of the season for the Division 1 and 2 groups, with the winners playing against other league champions.  This tournament is called the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC). Division 3 is again the recreational level and no year-end tournament is held. Division 3 teams are equally weighted as best as possible.  The league will do it’s best to regionalize division 3 to minimize travel.


The MAYSL division’s 1 and 2 are competitive and demanding on both the child's and parent's time. Due to limited field space, limited number of qualified coaches and limits established by the league as to the number of teams allowed to be placed in Division 1 and 2, SYS is sometimes forced to limit participation in age groups related to those divisions. Selection of these teams is based on ability as determined by past performance and, possibly, a skills evaluation session (Player Evaluations). Dates of the Player Evaluations will be posted on the SYS website. Email your age group coordinator if you wish to attend the Player Evaluation and have not received information regarding a Player Evaluation date. (Note that players in the U-5, U-6, U-7 and U-8 age groups do not travel and are all placed on teams).

Parents/Coaches, if you are interested in coaching a traveling select team, please talk to the appropriate age group coordinator. Coaches interested in MTOC division select teams must, in addition, send a letter to the SYS (P.O. Box 604) outlining their experience and qualifications, hand deliver the letter to the appropriate age group coordinator or complete our on-line application during the month of May. Preference will normally be given to coaches who have obtained one or more coaching license(s). SYS strongly encourages all coaches to obtain coaching license(s).

A summary of the major rules for the selection of Traveling Teams is presented below:

  1. The AGC selects all coaches (see bylaws for detail).

  2. A committee is formed in each age group by the appropriate age group coordinator to select the traveling teams. Evaluations will be held if necessary depending on the number of players. The age group coordinators have the responsibility and authority to oversee all aspects of the selection process.

  3. The coach's child will be a member of the team if age appropriate. When the team has co-coaches, the coach's children do not automatically make the team.

  4. For 11 v. 11 teams, the selection committee will select the first twelve players and then the coach will select the balance of the roster, up to eighteen, from a pool of twelve players selected by this committee.

  5. For 8 v. 8 teams the selection committee will select the first nine players and then the coach will select the balance of the roster, up to fifteen, from a pool of ten players selected by this committee. If a coach has not yet been named (this usually applies to lower divisional teams), then the selection committee may select the complete team roster.

  6. For 6 v. 6 teams the selection committee will select the first seven players and then the coach will select the balance of the roster, up to eleven, from a pool of eight players selected by this committee. If a coach has not yet been named (this usually applies to lower divisional teams), then the selection committee may select the complete team roster.

  7. Every player who attends evaluation sessions will be notified as to the team they will be placed on. Evaluation sessions are not the sole factor in determining divisional placement; other factors include coach evaluations, ability to attend practices and games, commitment level to the program and sportsmanship.

  8. Girls are eligible to play on either mixed or all girls' teams. If a girl is selected for a Mixed team and an all Girls' team, then that girl must decide immediately which team she will play for.

Additional Notes

▪   Relax and have fun

▪   All players make a team, goal is to evaluate skills and appropriately place

▪   Coach evaluations from the season count too

▪   Not just who scores most goals: versatility, attitude matter too

▪   Stations focused on small-sided games and skills

▪   Evaluators are from  Challenger Soccer - a professional organization specializing in camps, player evaluations, and other soccer-related events.

▪   Expect teams to be a mix of grades, so don’t count on “same team” as this year.

▪   Bring water and ball to each station

▪   E-mails to all players that try out will be sent during the summer about placement