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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the age group for my child?

Click here to see the Age Groups Page on our Website.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

If you have already been assigned to a team, your coach is typically the first person you should contact. For other inquiries, click here to view the list of SYS Age Group Coordinators and other Board Members.

Where can I find my child's schedule?

Team Schedules can be found in "Sports Manager". Click here to view your child's season schedule. (Then choose "SCHEDULES/SCORES".)

Where can I check Field Status?
Click here to view the current Field Status. (Field Status is updated by 7:00am on Saturdays, 9:00am on Sundays and 3:30PM during the week.)

Why is registration so early?

We realize that registering months ahead seems early, but our schedule is dictated by the leagues we belong to. They need to know how many teams are participating from each town in order to form divisions, make schedules and print the books that include the rules, schedules and maps for the season. Many of their deadlines are early, so we need to complete our registration in time for the SYS Age Group Coordinators to determine the number of teams we will be submitting. We also need to order uniforms well in advance and we need to register all players and coaches with the state. So, a lot of work is done after registration to prepare for the season!

Can I get a refund if my child decides not to play or we move?

No refunds will be provided unless approved by the President of SYS for extraordinary reasons (i.e., injury prior to the season, move prior to the season, making high school soccer team, etc.). If it is the choice of the player or parent that was a possible foreseen situation, no refunds will be allowed (i.e., conflict with another sport or activity). If a refund is granted, it will be less administrative fees incurred by SYS.

I’m confused whether I register my child by their age or by their grade? What if their birthday is during the season?

SYS follows the Mass Youth Soccer guidelines for age groups, which is determined by their age on August 1st of each year. Players remain in the same age group for the entire year (fall and spring season). Although for most players, their soccer age-group corresponds to their grade placement; we realize some children are in higher or lower grades based on the community where they started school and their parent's decision when to start kindergarten. SYS has flexibility to allow a child to “play up” or “play down” with their peers in the lower age groups when they play in-town, but be aware that when they get older and start to travel, we need to conform to the MYSA regulations. Teams that participate in tournament play may not have over-age players on the roster. Please address any questions or concerns about age-group placement to the appropriate SYS Age Group Coordinator.

What are the “Player Evaluations” and should my child attend them?

At the end of the spring season, SYS holds Player Evaluation nights for players that will be registering for the U10 and older age groups in the following year that would like to be considered for our most competitive travel teams. The evaluation nights gives multiple coaches the opportunity to review each player’s skills in a variety of areas. This information is used along with their current coach’s end of season evaluation to select the competitive travel teams. There are no player evaluations between the fall and spring season. Players are placed on teams based on their prior evaluations and coaches end-of-season evaluation forms. Note that all U10 players and above travel in the spring season. Also note that there can be movement of players between the fall and spring. For more information on how traveling teams are selected, please refer to the Parents & Players section of the SYS website.

Are the teams co-ed or are boys and girls separate? I see older girl’s teams but no older boy’s teams, just mixed. Why?

In the MINIs program (U5 to U6) the players are placed on co-ed teams. As long as registration numbers permit it, starting with the U7 age groups, we offer all girl teams and “mixed” teams. U7 and U8 mixed teams often have at least one girl.  Older mixed teams more often have all boy rosters, but are open to girls and it is not unusual to encounter teams with girls on the roster in the mixed leagues. If a girl tries out for both a girl’s team and a mixed team and is selected for both, she must choose one team to play on.

Can I request that my child be with a friend or a specific coach?

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer believes that individual players benefit from exposure to different teammates and coaches. U5-U8 players do not have any tryouts. During registration, parents have the opportunity to indicate up to two weekday evenings on which their children are not available for practice. Teams are put together randomly with effort made to respect those scheduling requests. U5 and U6 teams are coed, and additional due diligence is applied toward having a similar number of girls and boys on each team. U7 and U8 offer both a coed and girls only division provided that there are sufficient enrollment and coach volunteers. It is understood that there are some situations in which there is a strong need for players to be placed together, such as to accommodate car pools or to place younger children with extreme shyness with friends. To get such needs addressed, families may request in their registration comments placement with up to three additional children. In order to be accommodated, such requests must be mutual and the involved families must indicate the same days that they are not available for practice (if any). Lack of fulfillment by the league of a specific registration request does not provide any family with grounds to request a refund of the registration.

I would like to help, but have no coaching experience. What should I do?

We always welcome volunteers! Please volunteer to be a coach or an assistant coach. SYS can provides resources to educate new coaches, including website links and documents, as well as placing material at the library that you can use. Coaching licensing courses are also offered locally on a regular basis. If you would like to coach, but are apprehensive, please contact the SYS board and we will be happy to help. If coaching is not your thing, we can also use volunteers to help with registration, tournaments and other SYS activities. Please contact the SYS board for more information.

My child has been playing in an in-town league, do they need to “travel” and why?

In-town only programs are provided for U5-U8 age groups. In the fall, an in-town U10 program is also provided because the numbers allow for it. In the spring season all players U10 and above travel. We do not have enough players/teams in the spring to support an in-town program. All teams participate in the Midland Youth Soccer League (MAYS).

When does the season start and end? When will I hear what team my child is on?

The fall season usually starts around the beginning of September, and the spring season usually starts in early April. The season runs for approximately 8 weeks. There are typically no fall games until after Labor Day, and there are typically no spring games on Memorial Day Weekend.  For minis (U5 to U8), your child’s coach will contact you in late August or late March with team and schedule information. For older players, your child's coach will contact you in early August or early March about practices but game schedules may not be available until 10 days prior to season start. If you have questions, you can contact your age-group coordinator.

Does the registration fee include the uniform?

Uniforms are included with registration fee for U8 and younger. All U10 and older players wear the blue Adidas travel uniform. It can be purchased on an as needed basis during the registration process.

What is the registration policy for out-of-town players?

In order to play on a Shrewsbury Youth Soccer in-town team, a player must live in Shrewsbury.  If a player resides in a town which does not offer play in the player’s age group during the season under consideration, he or she may register to play for Shrewsbury Youth Soccer after the commencement of the late registration period, and only if any spaces remain available.  All out of town players will incur the Shrewsbury Youth Soccer late registration fee.

What day are practices and games played on?

For minis (U5 to U8), practices are held on one weekday evening each week and games are held on Saturday.  U5 and U7 typically play in the morning, and U6 and U8 typically play in the afternoon.  For U10 and older, practices are typically held on two weekday evenings per week.  While most games are held on Saturdays, periodic games are scheduled on weekday evenings or Sunday afternoons.  U10-InTown and U14 games are typically in the mornings, and U10-Travel and U12 are usually in the afternoons. U16+ are usually scheduled on Sunday afternoons.

All new players must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate to our Registrar;


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If you have any other questions, please contact a member of the SYS Board.

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