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Topic SYS Representative Contact/Name
Registration Registrar Chris Spirito
Refunds Registrar Chris Spirito
CORI Vice President Justin Smith
General Webmaster Brian O'Connor
U5 (Pre-School) Age Group U5 (Pre-School) Coordinator Nicole Fialkow
U6 (Kindergarten) Age Group U6 (Kindergarten) Coordinator Nicole Fialkow
U7 (Grade 1) Age Group U7 (Grade 1) Coordinator Keith Dowling
U8 (Grade 2) Age Group U8 (Grade 2) Coordinator Glen Carll
GU10 (Grade 3/4) Age Group GU10 (Grade 3/4) Travel Coordinator Matt George
GU10 (Grade 3/4) Age Group GU10 (Grade 3/4) In Town Only Coordinator Matt George
BU10 (Grade 3/4) Age Group BU10 (Grade 3/4) Travel Coordinator Jess Cipro
BU10 (Grade 3/4) Age Group BU10 (Grade 3/4) In Town Only Coordinator Jess Cipro
GU12 (Grade 5/6) Age Group GU12 (Grade 5/6) Coordinator Jay McLaughlin
BU12 (Grade 5/6) Age Group BU12 (Grade 5/6) Coordinator Jessica Kelly
GU14 (Grade 7/8) Age Group GU14 (Grade 7/8) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
BU14 (Grade 7/8) Age Group BU14 (Grade 7/8) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
GU16 (Grade 9/10) Age Group GU16 (Grade 9/10) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
BU16 (Grade 9/10) Age Group BU16 (Grade 9/10) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
GU18 (Grade 11/12) Age Group GU18 (Grade 11/12) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
BU18 (Grade 11/12) Age Group BU18 (Grade 11/12) Coordinator Allen Jarrell
Uniforms Uniform Coordinator Andrea Lowy
Sponsors Fund Raising Coordinator Christine Brann
SYS Discount Outlet Store Administrator Brian O'Connor
Website Webmaster Brian O'Connor
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