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Spectator Areas


When attending games, parents and spectators should not mix with teams and coaches.  For U5 through U8 games, spectators should avoid the team areas between the fields. As your children may be playing on more than one field, it is acceptable to watch the game from the end lines.  For U10+ games, the spectators should be on the opposite sideline from the teams/coaches.  No one is permitted behind the goals.

Positive Parenting


In addition to our recommendation that parents review the SYS Parent Code of Conduct, the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department created a 'view from the sidelines' in an effort to create a positive learning environment for those involved in the lives of young soccer players. This is a teaching tool designed for administrators, coaches and parents to assist them in providing positive learning atmosphere and keeping the fun in youth sports.

Attitudes are Contagious


Massachusetts Youth Soccer has produced an outstanding video focusing on the issues of sideline behavior of adults.

Read more.

MLS W.O.R.K.S. Healthy Halftime Snacks


Soccer is a high intensity sport that requires a combination of power, speed, and endurance that can be sustained throughout a game. In order to fuel their muscles and perform sustained exercise at high level, children must consume adequate calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Safety Reminder


When you are bringing a player to the field for practices or games, please do not drop off a player unless their coach or assistant coach is present. If the practice or game is located away from a parking area, parents should escort the child to the field and remain with the child until a coach arrives. Immediately following a practice or a game, parents should walk on to the field and collect their children. Coaches or assistant coaches are instructed to keep players not collected with them until a parent arrives. A coach or an assistant coach must never leave the field until all players are accounted for.

Parking Restrictions


  • Parking is NOT permitted in the upper lot next to the Glavin building. Please only park in the lower lots at Glavin. The upper lot is for employees only.
  • No Parking at any time in handicap spaces unless your handicap sticker is visible.
  • Please watch your speed in ALL parking and driving areas around all fields. Children dart in and out. Please be overly cautious.
  • All players and spectators must use port-a-potty facilities.
  • Parking in the dirt lot at Municipal is NOT allowed.
  • Parking along the wood railing on the single-lane entering and exiting Foundation is NOT allowed. No drop offs are allowed, this is causing a back-up onto Maple Ave.

Everyone must adhere to the above or we run the risk of losing our privileges at many of our fields.  Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter and for your ongoing support of Shrewsbury Youth Soccer.

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